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Lesbian couple rallies after serious illness

‘Miraculous’ recovery greeted with grace and humility

It’s a rare relationship that can last for 35 years, let alone remain strong and supportive through the trials of health crises. That’s just what Susan Miller, 58, and Cyteria Knight, 60, have: a love that flourishes no matter what fate flings their way. On Jan. 17, Knight suffered a serious stroke and was hospitalized for almost two months — with Miller never leaving her side.

S.C. judge rules lesbian couple had a common law marriage for decades

Ruling is first of its kind nationwide, expands protections for gay couples

After the end of a relationship that lasted almost 40 years, Debra Parks, 62, sued to have her rights recognized by the court. According to Family Court Judge Thomas White, Parks had a common law marriage with her partner long before same-sex marriage was nationally legalized.

Jesse’s Journal: LGBT Heroes — Cleve Jones and Barbara Grier

Looking back at LGBTQ history and those who ‘fought the good fight’

Even as we recognize and honor today’s LGBTQ heroes, we should also look back and remember those women and men who made our community what it is today. Unlike today, when leading an LGBTQ community organization is often a profession, the heroes of the 1960s and 1970s were volunteer leaders of a movement.

Finding love in all the right places

Love & Lust 2017: Matchmaker lends tips on finding that special someone

Tammy Shaklee wants everyone to find their match in time for Valentine’s Day, but if that’s too fast, then she has some tips for connecting singles with someone with whom to share dating, romance and possibly a long-term relationship or marriage.

Our People: Q & A with Jenni Gaisbauer

Charlotte Library Foundation Exec talks coming out, love and professional fulfillment

Not many people can say they’re 100 percent happy with where they are in life. Jenni Gaisbauer, 42, seems to be the exception to the rule. Her career has spanned from the Levine Museum of the New South to her current post as executive director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation, and she loves what she does.