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LGBT discrimination – QNotes

National backlash against discriminatory legislation continues

Despite so-called compromise, transgender North Carolinians aren’t out of danger

Although the notorious House Bill 2 (HB2) is repealed, legal discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians continues. Under the “compromise” legislation, House Bill 142 (HB142), signed into law by Gov. Roy Cooper on March 30, much of HB2 still remains.

HB2 does not absolve employers of LGBT discrimination liability

A survey of workplace issues and possible solutions

With all of the media attention surrounding HB2, many are under the impression that North Carolina’s “at will” employment state laws allow employers to treat LGBT workers differently. However, in many cases, LGBT employees in North Carolina are protected from discrimination under federal law.

HB2 update: Billions of dollars at risk, national debate continues

In face of massive monetary loss, the conflict goes on to federal court

As the economic toll of HB2 continues to rise, opponents and supporters of the legislation alike are redoubling their efforts. The media continues to report ever-rising monetary loss to the state. WRAL has calculated $40 million in losses to the Raleigh area alone, only from convention revenue.