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lgbtq – Page 103 – QNotes

Regional: Conductor contributes fee to ENC

Carolinas News Notes

Conductor Joshua Weilerstein performed with the North Carolina Symphony in October and has now chosen to gift his fee to Equality North Carolina. His decision was made on his own and not influenced by anyone.

The call to serve

LGBTQ religious leaders’ challenges, rewards

Most LGBTQ citizens know what it is to feel alienated and to lose faith. Religion hasn’t always been a friend to people whose sexualities or identities don’t follow the traditional norm.

Tis the Season!

Ways separated or divorced parents can handle stress during the holidays

The holiday season is upon us. What should be a time of year full of celebration, tradition, and spending quality time with family and friends, full of joy and happiness, can often also create stress and conjure feelings of anxiety.

Your marriage will be fine

And other questions post-election

LGBT people are understandably worried about what will happen when Donald Trump takes over the presidency. One concern is about our marriages. I believe they will be fine and so do the national LGBT legal organizations.