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Anti-violence laws don’t protect gay couples

Around North Carolina: Non-co-habitating couples can’t request legal protection for battering

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, the state was left with an obscure law unlike any other in the the nation that prevents those in same-sex relationships and not sharing a residence from accessing protective orders for domestic violence.

Quick Hits 01.26.18

Actor and activist Omar Sharif Jr. opened up in an op-ed for Hornet entitled “A Voice for the Voiceless: Amidst a Brutal Crackdown, This Gay Egyptian Looks for Hope.” The piece shared what it is like being a gay Egyptian in the public eye and the weight it carries both in the U.S. and in …

4th Circuit judges reaffirm marriage recusal law

"Religious freedom" law allows discrimination against same sex couples

In a ruling against marriage equality in North Carolina, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals judges dismissed a lawsuit against State Bill 2, which allows clerks to recuse themselves from performing marriages inconsistent with their “sincerely held religious objection.”