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Michael Greenspan – QNotes

Ghosts, Space Aliens and Monsters

Jesse's Journal

Anyone familiar with cable television programs knows that Americans love the occult. Series like “Ancient Aliens,” “Finding Bigfoot,” “Haunted History,” “MonsterQuest” and “Most Terrifying Places in America” are more popular than shows about Adolf Hitler, real housewives or tiger kings.

Coronavirus Journal Four

Jesse's Journal

Since I wrote my last “Coronavirus Journal,” humanity has re-emerged from its self-imposed isolation, though sadly not enough to prevent new outbreaks of COVID-19.

New York Pride/World Pride

Jesse's Journal

Wherever you went, from Harlem to Brooklyn, queer people and our allies were in full force. Most of New York’s famous museums had LGBTQ exhibits. … the Village Voice photographer who captured the Stonewall Uprising, as well as other pivotal events in LGBTQ and New York City history.