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From Ana, with Love

As Victor’s mother Isabel, Ana Ortiz is given an opportunity to stretch as an actress and play a wide range of emotions. In Ortiz’s more-than-capable hands, Isabel is a complex and multi-faceted character and it’s a pleasure to see such a talented actress give her all to her performance.

Hallmark, Lifetime

The Gay Question

So, Hallmark and Lifetime, how long are we going to have to wait for that LGBTQ holiday romance movie?

Watch “Happy Holidays” (2008)

Update: Snagfilms has removed this movie. You can get it online here. The 2008 comedy film “Happy Holidays” tells the story of three childhood friends reuniting in their Connecticut hometown ahead of Christmas. The three men attempt to relive the past, simultaneously discovering who each other have become, which includes starkly different worldviews. Patrick, an …

Watch HIV/AIDS Documentary “It’s Not Over” In “It’s Not Over,” documentarian Andrew Jenks looks at HIV/AIDS through the stories of three Millennials. Many had hoped that they could be the first AIDS free generation but sadly that is not the case. Jenks takes a road trip with Paige Rawl, a college freshman from Indiana who has been living with HIV her …

Watch the documentary “Southern Comfort”

The 2001 documentary “Southern Comfort” tells the story of the final year in the life of a transgender man named Robert Eads. Eads was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors who feared treating him would hurt their professional reputations. By the time he finally found someone to treat him, …