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N.C. rep’s staffer: Voting against anti-LGBT magistrate bill would result in rep’s home, law office being ‘burned to the ground’

Staffer denies making remarks to constituent; Senate Bill 2 override possibly pushed to Thursday

A legislative assistant for a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives has denied making comments to a constituent, allegedly telling him that her boss’ home and law office would be “burned to the ground” if he voted against an anti-LGBT piece of legislation.

Obama’s federal contractor non-discrimination order now in effect

Big impact for military-heavy North Carolina, but state workers and others still unprotected

President Barack Obama’s executive order barring anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors and subcontractors has gone into full effect today. The new rule, the result of Obama’s order last July, could have a significant impact on workers in North Carolina, where tens of thousands of federal contractors are working with the state’s large military presence.

State GOP wants statue of Billy Graham in U.S. Capitol

A bill filed by Republican lawmakers in Raleigh would replace a statue of a former governor now widely criticized for his role in the state’s white supremacist campaigns with a statue of Billy Graham, North Carolina’s world-famous evangelist also known for his past anti-Semitic comments and anti-LGBT positions.