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Legislative Watch – Page 3 – QNotes

Anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill comes to North Carolina

Bill could allow widespread discrimination based on individuals' 'sincerely held religious beliefs'

Long expected by LGBT advocates, Republican legislators in North Carolina this week introduced so-called “religious freedom” bills that could open the door to widespread discrimination against LGBT residents and others.

House committee hears public comment on anti-LGBT magistrate marriage bill

Committee takes no action on legislation critics say sets bad precedent, could discriminate against LGBT couples

Members of the public and advocates weighed in Wednesday during a state House committee hearing on a bill that would allow magistrates and registers of deeds to opt out of performing civil marriage services based on their personal religious objections.

Two Democrats’ votes for anti-LGBT bill ruffles feathers

LGBT Democrats will 'not stand idly by while anyone, including those within our own party, fosters discrimination and prejudice'

Two North Carolina Democrats are facing criticism for their votes in favor of a bill passed by the state Senate on Wednesday that opponents say targets the LGBT community for discrimination.

N.C. Senate passes anti-LGBT religious discrimination bill

Mecklenburg Republican votes against bill, some Democrats vote for it, advocates condemn passage of bill

A bill that would allow magistrates and registers of deeds to opt out of providing legal marriage services or issuing marriage licenses passed the state Senate on Wednesday in a 32-16 vote after nearly two hours of debate. It now heads to the House.

N.C. magistrates sue for right to discriminate against LGBT couples

LGBT group condemns lawsuit as 'futile attempt' to 'pick and choose' which laws to follow

Two magistrates in North Carolina are suing the state, claiming their religious rights were violated when they were told they must serve all citizens seeking marriage licenses. The magistrates claim they have a right not to serve same-gender couples.

Legislature’s first anti-LGBT bill introduced as hate group hosts closed-door briefing this afternoon

Narrow bill introduced, but broader bill with potential for widespread discrimination could also be on way

A state Senate leader has introduced anti-LGBT legislation targeting gay couples, as lawmakers return to work and an anti-LGBT group hosts a closed-door legislative briefing on a proposed “religious freedom” bill that could open widespread discrimination against LGBT citizens.