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NICU – QNotes

#TeamPregnantDad: Epilogue

Becoming ‘Us.’ Here’s where Liam, Duane and Cypress are now.

[Editor’s Note: As a publishing partner with The Charlotte Observer, qnotes is republishing this multi-part storyline so our readers can have direct access to this remarkable feature. It is republished with permission and will be carried on Tuesdays and Thursdays until complete.] by Anna Douglas, Published in The Charlotte Observer on May 7, Updated on May 9 The …

#TeamPregnantDad: Chapter 5

Raising Cypress

Before Cypress was born, Liam and Duane spent months preparing a homecoming. They wanted a bigger car with more room for a car seat so they bought a new Jeep the first week they learned Liam was pregnant.

#TeamPregnantDad: Chapter 4

The baby in Box 16

Hospital room 8608 is packed with doctors and family, but no one is talking. It’s been more than 24 hours since Liam was first hospitalized with high blood pressure and doctors have grown increasingly worried about both his health and the baby’s.