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HRC’s index rates N.C.’s LGBTQ laws

Beyond the Carolinas

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation and the Equality Federation Institute released their 5th annual State Equality Index (SEI) and not surprising, North Carolina falls into the category, “High Priority to Achieve Basic Equality.”

N.C. voters favor HB2 repeal, blame Republicans for failure

Cooper continues to talk repeal with NCGA leaders

A recent poll by the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) surveyed voters on key issues pushed by newly-elected Gov. Roy Cooper: HB2 repeal and Medicaid expansion. The poll found that 50 percent of voters oppose HB2 compared to 32 percent who support it.

McCrory backpedals slightly on HB2 with executive order, leaving most of anti-LGBT bill in place

Gov. Pat McCrory issued an executive order Tuesday in response to the backlash against House Bill 2 (HB2), while leaving most of it in place. The order expands non-discrimination protections for state employees to include sexual orientation and gender identity, while keeping in place the prohibition against cities and counties from expanding their non-discrimination ordinances to …