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Moving Forward Together: 5 Questions with NC State’s GLBT Center Director Jonathan McCorey

A Former Pastor and Self-Described Mystic Emerged From an Evangelical Background to Serve a Diverse Population of Students at the State’s Largest University

The life of Jonathan McCorey is a study in personal transformation. … He attended Liberty University, an evangelical Christian liberal arts institution, and now he’s director of NC State’s GLBT Center — and he identifies as a “mystic,” which is not a word typically associated with the evangelical movement.

Research Roundup: Study analysis wrapping up

Carolinas News Notes

The “Gender-Inclusive Housing: Benchmarking the Policies and Practices of Peer Institution and Identifying the Needs of Transgender, Genderqueer, and Gender Non-Conforming Students in University Housing” research study is now in its final analysis stage at North Carolina State University’s GLBT Center and University Housing.