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Orlando shooting – QNotes

Pink Pistols, Pride Fund to End Gun Violence offer alternative solutions to hate crime

One org teaches firearm use, the other seeks gun reform

Local chapters of the Pink Pistols organization can be found all over North Carolina, in Asheville, the Triad and the Triangle. The guiding philosophy of the group is to teach LGBTQ people to defend themselves with firearms. But this ideal clashes with another group, the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, although both organizations formed as a reaction to the Pulse massacre in Orlando.

In response to Orlando…a call for unity, love and healing

Guest Commentary

I was in Orlando at Gay Days the weekend before the shooting at Pulse. There, I met Eddie Sotomayor who was one of the sweetest, brightest souls I met all weekend. Waking up to the news of the slaughter on June 12, and later learning of Eddie’s death, absolutely devastated me.

Jesse’s Journal: Orlando Strong

Remembering those lost amidst bigotry and hate

It has been a couple of weeks since Omar Mateen went on a shooting spree that killed 49 men and women, mostly LGBT Latinxs, and tragically made the Pulse night club in Orlando the most famous LGBT bar since the Stonewall Inn.

HB2 and the Pulse Massacre

Politicians, activists see a connection

In the light from more than a thousand candles, Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts denounced Governor Pat McCrory and “Hate Bill 2” at a vigil for Orlando on June 13.