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Briefly Political: Endorsement buffet

Gay Republicans endorse McCain MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The national organization representing LGBT Republicans announced their endorsement of John McCain on Sept. 2. Voting 12-2, the Log Cabin Republicans board of directors stamped their seal of approval on the 72-year-old Republican nominee, saying McCain had “showed courage by bucking his own party’s leadership and the president …

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is McCain VP pick

Palin opposed marriage equality, supported partner benefits

On Aug. 29, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his pick for vice president. The announcement was received with concern by the LGBT community and pro-choice advocates. Palin’s record as governor of the nation’s most northerly state and her record on such hot button issues as marriage equality and …

LGBT leaders say ‘Go Joe!’

Announcement of Dem VP candidate met with praise

Sen. Joe Biden has been tapped by presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama to fill the second slot on the 2008 Democratic ticket. The selection was announced Aug. 23 to generally favorable reviews from Democratic leaders, pundits and the Party rank and file.

LGBTs will make their mark at Dem convention

N.C. will send six LGBT delegates, S.C. will send none

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When state delegations head to Denver, Colo., for the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28, they’ll be bringing with them more representation from the LGBT community than ever before. According to the National Stonewall Democrats, overall LGBT participation in the quadrennial Democratic convention will increase 27 percent from the 2004 convention. Stonewall said …

Bullying bill dies with session’s end

Anti-gay marriage amendment defeated for fifth year

RALEIGH — Every other year the N.C. General Assembly holds a short session. This limited legislative session is held to debate and approve the state’s biennial budget, local bills and other important matters. EqualityNC (ENC), the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, spent the entire session, which ended July 18, working on a few key pieces of …

Burying a fossil

Racism and homophobia will forever be Helms' legacy

Gone, but not forgotten. That’s how most North Carolinians are thinking of the late former Sen. Jesse Helms, a segregationist Democrat-turned-Republican who held his seat in the U.S. Senate for 30 years. But where the mainstream media, conservative Republicans and fundamentalist Christians have been busy whitewashing his past and glorifying his memory, LGBT people around …

Gay Charlestonians hear wedding bells in Golden State

Crosscountry chapel run

Originally published in the July 9 issue of The Charleston City Paper. When Bryan and Michael decided to leave California in 2005 and relocate to suburban Charleston, they didn’t realize they’d be heading back to the West Coast three years later to tie the knot. On June 14, the State of California began issuing marriage …

Anti-bullying bill dies in Senate committee

Anti-gay marriage amendment stalled for fourth year

RALEIGH – After a week of intense news coverage, advocacy and constituent conversations, an anti-bullying bill inclusive of protections for LGBT students has died. The House and Senate adjourned Friday, July 18. Before doing so, Senate leaders sent the School Violence Prevention Act (HB 1366) to committee, a late-breaking move that effectively nixed any chance …

N.C. poll shows overwhelming support for anti-bullying bill

RALEIGH – Results from a recent poll released July 16 show that citizens across North Carolina overwhelmingly support an anti-bullying bill that would protect students, even if that bill includes protections on the basis of sexual orientation. “There is currently a proposal in the General Assembly that specifies the need to protect children from bullying …

City moves parade after threats

Global News Notes

City moves parade after threats SOFIA, Bulgaria — A recent Pride event was relocated to a different section of the city after organizers and city officials were made aware of threats. The Bulgarian National Alliance (BNA), a right-wing extremist anti-gay hate group, had declared it would be present at the local Pride parade scheduled to …