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Print Edition 2013-01-18 – Page 2 – QNotes

20 Questions: Connie Vetter, Charlotte

Charlotte attorney Connie Vetter is well known in the LGBT community, both for her professional and civic endeavors. Through her advocacy in a number of state and local organizations, she has worked to make North Carolina — and the Queen City in particular — a better place for us all.

Let’s make 2013 ‘legendary!’

Drag Rag

Greetings, my dear readers and the happiest of new years! I hope you all had good holidays and are ready to make 2013 legendary. I, for one, am looking at doing some things differently myself now that I am a year older and I lost my dear, sweet Mother in December as many of you may know. I thank all those who called, sent texts and sent beautiful flowers and cards. Your kindness will not be soon forgotten. It makes one think about life in new ways, for sure.

Put it down, get out of the house and start meeting people

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “Lately, I’ve been experiencing an immense amount of self-sexual fulfillment, if you know what I mean. My neighbors are starting to complain about the noise and my friends are concerned. Is it dangerous to my health?”

Out in the Stars: January 18 – 31

Both Mercury and the Sun move into Aqueerius and wreak happy havoc in our orderly little lives. And, not a moment too soon! We shed our inhibitions and embrace the world with verve, zest and a bit of optimism. Give it a squeeze and don’t expect to slide along strictly on your personal oil.