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Print Edition 2013-04-26 – QNotes

Focus on LGBT aging grows

Gay & Gray: Prime Timers celebrates 20th anniversary as LGBT center offers new program

For Sam Powell, 71, coming out at age 67 presented its own unique challenges. To face them, he turned to Prime Timers Charlotte, a local chapter of an international organization providing support for “slightly older gay and bisexual men.”

LGBT senior housing hot topic among advocates

Gay & Gray

Safe and affordable housing for LGBT seniors is a growing hot topic among advocates working for aging LGBT populations. New projects across the country are seeking to bring solutions to the table, particularly in the form of LGBT-friendly housing developments.

Jewelry maker inspired by life and nature

Charlotte Fine Art Show comes to Charlotte, May 10-12

Not many people in the world get to see their childhood hobbies turned into careers. For those who do, it’s even rarer for passion and career to come into complete alignment

Foundation awards last grant

The Wesley Mancini Foundation will cease operation as of June 30, citing that it has accomplished its goals as established when it was created over 20 years ago.

TalkBack: 04.26.13


Readers respond on council leadership, Caribou’s closing, candidate says thanks to LGBT equality in Asheville and gays being an abomination.