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Print Edition 2013-08-30 – Page 2 – QNotes

Western: Dinner plans set

Carolinas News Notes

AIDS Leadership Foothills-area Alliance (ALFA) has announced its Dining for Friends 2013 event with a scheduled finale on Oct. 5, 7:30 p.m., at Rock Barn Golf & Spa.

Out in the Stars: September 2013

Thoughts run amok this September as Mercury forms a Grand Cross with retro Pluto and Uranus. Sparkling ideas can spark a fire, so be careful when you strike up a conversation. Is it hot in here or is it you? Ouch!

Can an ex cheat on you if you’re not dating

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “I was with this girl for a month until I found out she was telling other people she was single. Now, I found out that she’s in a threeway with two other women. Isn’t that cheating? And, do we have a chance of getting back together? I still love her!”