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Print Edition 2014-01-31 – QNotes

Love & Lust 2014

Annual Exploration & Perspectives on Sexuality

We’ve assembled a host of informative articles and features that focus on the positive aspects of sexuality. Check out the stories below to learn more.

Love & Lust 2014: Love of Body, Pride of Self

Community members bare their hearts, minds and bodies in an exploration of self-affirmation

As LGBT people, our journeys toward self-acceptance of our sexuality and gender make us unique. But, we often lose sight of how else we are unique. Our personhood is not limited to our heart and mind; our body, too, is an integral part of who we are.

Love & Lust 2014: What I mean when I say I’m Sex-Positive

An ambiguous term gets detailed definition

I’m sex-positive! And, I’m realizing that’s a painfully ambiguous term. I’ve seen people use it to mean everything from “not viewing sex as inherently evil” to “insisting that everyone should have tons of orgasms and it’ll solve all their problems.”

Love & Lust 2014: Keeping it positive and coming to terms

Writer shares her experience coming to terms with her identity

After I came out to myself at age 13, I started to internalize homophobic messages about how I was “too pretty to be gay.” I felt it from people I met who talked poorly about the LGBT community. I felt guilty for being attracted to women because somehow I had potential to be a “pretty straight person,” whatever that meant.

Love & Lust 2014: Exploring desire and communication

Columnist says open, positive communication between partners key to trying new desires and fantasies

When it comes to sex and relationships, we’re all wacky in our own ways. Of course, one person’s particular brand of sexual or fetish desire may not be the same as that of their partner(s), so this column will look at strategies for communicating around and exploring sexual needs with a partner(s).

Love & Lust 2014: The Greatest Generation (In Bed)

How Millennials are changing the sexual landscape

Barely a day seems to pass without one of the “wise old men” who dominate the editorial columns writing a dubiously-researched opinion piece on how the Millennial generation is dangerously apathetic, hedonistic and lazy.

Sex and body positivity can empower, unite our community

Editor's Note

In qnotes’ past nearly 30 years in print, we’ve covered a variety of controversial and provocative topics. Such coverage has been necessary to accurately and fully represent the history and lives of LGBT people in Charlotte and across the Carolinas.

Pastor leads church in growth and change

Rev. Brendan Boone of St. John’s MCC

St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church celebrated a milestone in its congregational history in late December as it paid off the mortgage on its church building.