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Print Edition 2015-01-16 – QNotes

No Home: LGBT groups tackle homelessness and poverty in Charlotte

LGBT community in Charlotte, elsewhere faces paramount challenge in tackling homelessness and poverty

Chelsea White’s voice cracks. Her passion is palpable. “It can be disheartening as a service provider,” she says. She rattles off examples of housing and income hardships faced by her clients at the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN), an AIDS service organization in Charlotte.

2015’s Top 10: LGBT events, travels and more

Exciting places to see and things to do this year in the LGBT Carolinas

It’s a brand new year. Time for new adventures and outings. There are innumerable new experiences waiting for you across the region — new sights to see, new places you might not have ever visited, events you might not have ever attended.

It is time to pass ‘Leelah’s Law’

Guest Commentary

As we ring in the New Year, it is with a sadness that, though we are in 2015, ignorance and fear still run amuck in regard to transgender/gender non-conforming issues and the people who strive to live in truth.

Allies must stand for trans teens

Guest Commentary

In my early teens, I started meeting and befriending LGBT teens. I saw firsthand how painful their parents and families reactions were and how much impact they had in the lives of these people.

Tragedy to Triumph

Spiritual Reflections

When I first entered my creative writing Master’s program at Full Sail University, I wanted to tell the story of how power is used to take advantage of the weak. I was determined to expose social and cultural ills; I was ready to show no mercy.

Queen of Nice: Cierra Desiree Nichole

Dishing with Buff Faye

Some queens are just nice. Don’t tell anyone, but behind the make-up and glitter, there is a heart (sometimes). Cierra Desiree Nichole is one of those nice queens. Seemingly everyone loves her and, like Switzerland, you can find her remaining neutral in most any conflict.