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Print Edition 2015-02-13 – QNotes

African-American History Month 2015

Profiles of a few of the Carolinas' LGBT African-American history-makers and thought leaders

In honor of African-American History Month, qnotes is profiling a few of the Carolinas’ LGBT African-American history-makers and thought leaders who have shaped our community for the better, including first-ever political leaders, a community advocate and writers lifting and highlighting important voices and issues.

Jermaine Nakia Lee

African-American History Month: Leader committed to community service recently honored with MLK Medallion

Jermaine Nakia Lee, a longtime African-American and LGBT community leader in Charlotte, was honored in January with the city’s annual award named in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

First among equals

African-American History Month: LGBT African-Americans have made historic first in North Carolina politics

Back to 2015 African-American History Month Index… LGBT African-American leaders in North Carolina have been among the historic firsts that have helped push politics and government to more inclusive atmosphere. From the state level to the local level, black gay North Carolinians have made their visible presence and their voices known. LaWana Mayfield Elected to her …

Famed blogger lifted unheard voices

African-American History Month: Durham’s Pam Spaulding chats two years out from her retirement from Pam’s House Blend

Nearly two years ago, an iconic era in southern LGBT voice and visibility came to an end. Durham’s Pam Spaulding, keeper of the wildly popular blog Pam’s House Blend, took of her blogging cap and traded it for time with family and personal passions.

McEwen has a watchful eye

African-American History Month: S.C. blogger has shifted conversation, tone on anti-LGBT religious right

In the middle part of the last decade, Columbia’s Alvin McEwen was in the process of writing a book. He’d wanted to track the actions and movements of the anti-LGBT religious right and document them. The book publishing was slow, and a friend, he said, suggested he start a blog. And so, his blog, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, launched in 2006.

Glitz, Glamor, Gala

Charlotte to host 20th annual HRC Carolina fundraiser, national speakers and award winners

Organizers say they expect as many as 1,300 or more people to fill the Charlotte Convention Center’s ballroom for the annual Human Rights Campaign North Carolina Gala on Feb. 21, bringing with them a bevy of well-known speakers, entertainers and award winners.

With trans visibility on rise, we must still do more

Editor's Note

In the past year or two, it seems to me I’ve written and read more about transgender people and the issues still at the heart of their experiences than ever before. This increasing rate of discussion, debate, examination, awareness and activism can be properly credited to the brave people who are stepping out, standing up and speaking with fortitude.

‘Ban the Box’ to increase tax revenue and reduce crime

Guest Commentary

For 1.6 million North Carolinians, the worst part of job searching is not the interview, but the moment they drop off the application. Nearly every employment application contains a small box on the front page that reads, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

Leap for Yourself

Spiritual Reflections

I’ve had a lot of colorful adventures on my journey. Some were cartoon strips, like the humor I had to find within the pain of trauma, and others were Oscar winning sagas, like surviving a dysfunctional childhood and watching cancer take out a third of my family in a five-year-period.