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Print Edition 2015-07-03 – QNotes

Love wins 5-4, marriage equality nationwide

Landmark decision comes on anniversary of Lawrence, Windsor

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of full marriage rights for all couples nationwide in an opinion released June 26 in Obergefell v. Hodges, one of several cases brought to the court.

After marriage, where from here?

Advocates say movement still has other priorities to address

The Supreme Court’s decision opening marriage equality to all 50 states was met with jubilation among LGBT people across the nation and world. A long fought legal, activist and political battle led ultimately to a national ruling, putting to bed a debate over LGBT marriage recognition begun nearly 50 years ago.

Charlotte Black Gay Pride to celebrate 10 years

Frenchie Davis to headline Charlotte Black Gay Pride events July 16-19, with July 11 awards gala slated

Jermaine Nakia Lee can still remember the pushback and the controversy. Racist emails and letters, questions from other community leaders and confrontation with some.

Dixie Longate can’t be stopped

Tupperware queen visits Charlotte through July 19

Dixie Longate is anything but your typical Tupperware lady. Longate is a hard-drinking, hypersexual single mother, thrice widowed, from Mobile, Ala., who affectionately refers to her audience as “hookers.”

Stonewall Riots: Tribute to Drag Queen Sylvia Rivera

Dishing with Buff Faye

In 1969, much of our LGBT progress began with a riot. I think we sometimes forget that act of rebellion, especially in a banker city like Charlotte, N.C. Today we remember the Stonewall Riots with Pride festivals, parades and orderly marches. But I choose to remember a drag queen and trans woman named Sylvia Rivera.

LGBT organizations speak out on Confederate battle flag

Guest Commentary

No state should embrace a symbol that so clearly stands for bigotry, violence, division and hate. No government entity should fly a flag that once divided this nation in bloody conflict and now reminds millions of people in the United States of the racism that still plagues this nation.