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Print Edition 2015-11-20 – QNotes

Life, Positively 2015

World AIDS Day 2015 Special Section

qnotes is pleased to partner with Different Roads Home, Rosedale Infectious Diseases, Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) and PowerHouse Project in presenting this special section, “Life, Positively”, in recognition of World AIDS Day.

HIV Today: What you should know if you are sexually active

Knowing terminology and treatment options helps those who have HIV, AIDS

The poignant line appears on the screen as the closing shot of “Jeffrey,” the comedic stage play-turned-film about the horniest would-be actor in New York City who gives up sex out of fear of contracting HIV.

Surprise! You’re still alive!

HIV-positive individuals living unexpectedly into their golden years

Poet Robert Frost captured the essence of what millions of HIV-positive Americans are now just discovering, as they move — unexpectedly — from middle age into their golden years.

HIV/AIDS year in review

Progress on many fronts

Over 30 years ago scientists discovered the virus that causes AIDS and since then the developments in treatment and care have helped patients live longer, healthier lives.

Our People: Q&A with Nathan Smith

Smith ensures RAIN’s message washes through community

Who says a little RAIN ruins the parade? Nathan Smith and his colleagues proved at this year’s Charlotte Pride Parade that a lot of RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) can actually bring great joy, not only to parade goers, but also to a community thirsting for RAIN’s special brand of loving care.

Carolinas AIDS service organizations and agencies

Assistance provides a lifeline to increase quality of life for those affected by HIV/AIDS

The Carolinas has a variety of community organizations, resources and services for those living with HIV/AIDS or those seeking to get involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, education and advocacy.