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Print Edition 2016-01-29 – QNotes

The broken dream of a better condom

Love & Lust 2016: Why two years later, the Bill Gates’ funded condoms of the future are stalled

People don’t like condoms. This we know. In fact, The New York Times reported in a 2013 article titled “Getting Men to Want to Use Condoms,” that only five percent of men around the world use them, in spite of the fact that they are around 98 percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs such as HIV/AIDS.

‘Carol’ — Love in the time of The American Way

Relationship between two women in the mid 20th Century falls short on answers

“Is there any point in fighting it?” It’s the question Therese asks Carol after Carol reveals that her soon-to-be-ex-husband is suing for sole custody of their daughter on grounds that Carol is morally unfit to be a mother.

Our People: Q&A with Joel Blady & Jeff Addy

Funeral director, marketer, marriage suit plaintiffs

“The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we require them.” The lines, which appear in Pat Conroy’s award-winning book, “The Lords of Discipline,” resonate with our community at a time when so many gay and lesbian couples who have dreamed of a traditional “white wedding” can now realize those dreams.

Be my Valentine

Guest Commentary

In second grade, we made Valentine’s Day cardholders out of two red construction paper hearts. They were sewn together with white yarn and pinned to the bulletin board a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Discrimination agreement required at voucher-eligible school

Guest Commentary

Burrow into Lee Christian School’s “lifestyle statements and covenant” — a wordy, contractual document requiring the signature of parents, school employees and students grades 6-12 — and you’ll find this nugget: “Gender confusion and dysphoria are ultimately the biological, psychological, social and spiritual consequences of the human race’s fallen condition. This state of depravity affects all persons individually and collectively.”

Charlotte: Board post, Methodist gathering, HRC Gala

Carolinas News Notes

Janice Covington Allison has become the first transgender person to join the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County’s executive board as its hospitality committee chair. She was sworn in on Jan. 13 at The Asian Library, 1339 Baxter St., by the Democratic Women of North Carolina President Concetta Caliendo.