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Print Edition 2016-09-23 – QNotes

One Voice Chorus’ artistic director commissioned for musical tribute

Gerald Gurss was asked to honor the memory of Dallas police fallen heroes

When Gerald Gurss, artistic director for One Voice Chorus/Sotto Voce (Charlotte, N.C.) and Midlands Men’s Chorus (Columbia, S.C.), was contacted by the Turtle Creek Chorale’s Director Sean Michael Baugh to compose a piece to honor the memory of Dallas, Texas slain police officers, he was tasked with a monumental responsibility.

Movies of the Fall

Drama, comedy, musicals and more

As the leaves change colors and the weather cools down, it’s time for LGBT folks to find their way to the hottest movies in town. Whether it be drama, comedy, Westerns, fantasy or action, there is at least one film for everyone to watch this fall. And some that you might want to skip.

Our People: Q&A with M. David Wallace

Our People

Music plays a part in virtually everyone’s life, but for those with a true passion, music is life. Michael David Wallace falls into the latter category, with a lifelong love of music. This native of the Carolinas lives his music through every professional position he fills — and that’s quite a few.

Arts groups bring entertainment to the Carolinas

LGBT community arts bridge friendship and service

Are the hills enlivened with musical sounds? They sure are throughout the Carolinas. And, what better way to have them be so than with ones brought forth by those from the LGBT and allied community.

As economic harm of HB2 grows, NC GOP politicians backpedal

HB2 supporters flip-flop after NCAA and ACC events

The past week presented several hopeful signs for opponents of House Bill 2 (HB2), the so-called Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. As unfortunate economic consequences continue to climb, with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) both canceling events in the state, former supporters of the bill seem to be shifting position.

‘Homosexual?’ No such word!

Spiritual Reflections

The “scared book,” the “Holy Bible” has been translated in many languages. As of November, 2014, the United Bible Societies declare the “Holy Book” has been translated in more than 2,530 languages to date.