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Print Edition 2016-11-18 – Page 2 – QNotes

Our People: Q&A with Dale Pierce

Our People

Long after the advent of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the fight against this notorious disease rages quietly on. The reality of living with chronic illnesses like HIV is a struggle for many, but those in the Carolinas have somewhere to turn: Different Roads Home, founded by Dale Pierce in 2013.

The dark side of my life

Part 2 of a 2-Part Series: Trials and tribulations of being an intersex individual

Picking up from where I left off in the last issue (“What is the ‘I’ in LGBTQI?”), here is a little bit more about my life, which is not all that uncommon in the real world, especially where the military was concerned.

Transgender inmates in N.C. face review board, not simply ‘separated and segregated’

Gov. McCrory’s debate claim concerning transgender inmates misleading

Public accommodations for transgender citizens has been at the forefront of North Carolina state politics with the passage of HB2, as well as a nationwide issue with the U.S. Department of Justice filing suit and the Obama administration issuing a directive to public schools requiring them to recognize transgender students by the gender with which they identify.

Triangle: Divers bond at NCSU

Carolinas News Notes

North Carolina State University (NCSU) dive and swim team athletes bonded, not only as teammates, but also as members of the LGBTQ community during their competition years that ranged from 2006-2014.