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Print Edition 2017-01-13 – QNotes

Charlotte organizations look forward to fighting for LGBTQ rights in 2017

It looks to be a big year for our local orgs

Last year was a difficult year for North Carolina politically. House Bill 2 opened up the LGBTQ community for discrimination and landed the state firmly in the national spotlight for the worst reasons. Then the LGBTQ community had to witness Charlotte repealing its expanded non-discrimination ordinance on the hopes of an HB2 repeal that never came.

After failed HB2 repeal, LGBTQ advocates return to the courts

Legal battles to continue the fight for transgender rights

The repeal of House Bill 2 (HB2), North Carolina’s notorious anti-LGBTQ “bathroom bill,” failed. After Charlotte City Council fully repealed its “triggering” non-discrimination ordinance, the state’s legislators tried to pull one over on LGBTQ advocates by proposing a repeal that included a six-month ban on non-discrimination protections. The move was so controversial that the session ended without so much as a vote on HB2 repeal.

He’s been our president

Reflections on President Barack Obama

Too cerebral. Unwilling to engage in bare-knuckles political war with his Republican enemies. Naïve, in fact, about his ability to find common ground with a GOP determined to undermine, even delegitimize him from Day 1.

Jesse’s Journal: The Tabloid President

Donald Trump friend to ‘Enquirer’ publisher

During the recent unpleasantness that was the 2016 presidential election, much was made of the fact that the vast majority of newspapers endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton against the winning Republican, Donald Trump. A major exception, one that was ignored by the media, probably did more for Trump than all The New York Times or Washington Posts did for Clinton. Though it would be too much to claim that the National Enquirer carried the election for Trump, it certainly did much to express Middle America’s feelings for the Republican candidate.

Our People: Q&A with Jack Kirven

Our People

The readers of qnotes are quite familiar with Jack Kirven’s expertise on health and wellness. Though Kirven writes for the paper, his primary focus is one-on-one training, having worked for several years as an independent wellness coach

Are you nine miles off?

Spiritual Reflections

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is surrounded by all the wrong people. He introduces Jesus with a genealogy spiked with five women who all have questionable sexual histories. He ends his nativity narrative with a visit by magicians (heretics) from foreign lands who don’t worship the “right” God.

‘Shelita’ Whole Lot of Pride

Dishing with Buff Faye

Charlotte is blessed to have a vibrant and growing drag community full of many types of queens — camp queens, beauty queens, bearded queens, new and old queens too. Of course, the true test of a queen is whether they can stand out, entertain and keep standing in those heels for the long run. This column features one of the newer queens to the Queen City who has taken the scene by storm since she arrived — Shelita Bonet Hoyle.

Charlotte: Party chair, MLK service, inmate suit, comedy production, org move, company certification, Lupie’s closure

Carolinas News Notes

Janice Covington Allison had bid for the North Carolina Democratic Party chair position, MCC Charlotte will hold a MLK service, an inmate has filed suit against a Mecklenburg sheriff, Queen City Theatre Company is staging a comedy production, Campus Pride is moving, Create-ster received a NGLCC company certification, Lupie’s has closed its Huntersville location.