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Print Edition 2017-03-10 – QNotes

Arts options dot the Carolinas

From theatre to galleries, fun things to do as the weather warms up

Spring has come early to the Carolinas, with daffodils already in bloom and trees cascading their blossoms over streets and highways from the mountains to the coast. So now is the time to break away from being stuck inside and venture out to theatres, concerts, festivals and more. With that said, here are some idea starters to whet qnotes’ readers’ appetites.

Our People: Q&A with Martin Damien Wilkins

Director of ‘BootyCandy’ with Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte talks the arts

In the world of thespians (not to be confused with lesbians), the Charlotte theatre scene is diverse and lively. No one knows this better than Martin Damien Wilkins, 37, a local stage director whose newest production, “BootyCandy,” is playing at the Mint Museum on Randolph Rd. until March 19.

Controversy abounds over HB2 repeal ‘compromise’

LGBTQ advocates call the bill ‘HB 2.0’

The controversy surrounding House Bill 2 (HB2) sees developments every day. The anti-LGBTQ legislation, which mandates public restroom use by birth sex and nullifies local non-discrimination protections, has had received massive pushback from advocates and allies.

More NC HB2 discussion: Two business perspectives

How the ‘bathroom bill’ is seen by a CEO and a student

As a quick refresher, North Carolina’s HB2 law, passed last spring, dictated that transgender people must use the restroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate in public facilities, and that municipalities may not pass legislation protecting its citizens from discrimination beyond that already described at the state level. The result has been a huge departure of convention, sporting and entertainment events, as well as potential major business expansion, from the state.

Jesse’s Journal: LGBT Heroes — Cleve Jones and Barbara Grier

Looking back at LGBTQ history and those who ‘fought the good fight’

Even as we recognize and honor today’s LGBTQ heroes, we should also look back and remember those women and men who made our community what it is today. Unlike today, when leading an LGBTQ community organization is often a profession, the heroes of the 1960s and 1970s were volunteer leaders of a movement.

This is Home!

Spiritual Reflections

In 1992, I walked into a church. I hadn’t done that for a very long time. I have to admit that my motivation was not necessarily all that pure. I was dating a woman who went to church every Sunday evening and I needed to see what or who drew her there.

Pardon moi what?

Dishing with Buff Faye

It takes a village, even for drag queens. Often we don’t see all the supporters and people behind the scenes, helping make a queen look flawless. Nor do we think about what it takes to put together a drag show: the costs involved, the planning of a special event and all the logistics.