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Print Edition 2017-04-07 – QNotes

Youth of the LGBTQ community lead by example

Two trans teens live their truth, plan to fight for rights

Those who advocate for the LGBTQ community often cite the vulnerability of its youth. While it’s true that queer young people are vulnerable — with higher rates of bullying and suicide — what is not often acknowledged is the incredible strength that LGBTQ young people have.

The voices of our youth

Essays by young LGBTQ writers

Across the Carolinas and the world, young LGBTQ people are at the forefront of the community’s fight. Whether it’s an inner conflict to come to terms with an identity, or and outer struggle for acceptance in a trying world, LGBTQ youth represent the best of us.

Minister receives PFLAG award

2017 Concord-Kannapolis PFLAG Advocacy Award goes to Rev. Nathan King

Concord/Kannapolis Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has announced that Rev. Nathan King has received its 2017 Concord-Kannapolis PFLAG Advocacy Award which was presented to him by board member Don Gale at the March 18 fundraising banquet.

Standing beside and behind LGBTQA youth

Spiritual Reflections

Angel was 16 when I first met him at church. He came with other members of the church. It was a while before I realized he was trans. The only thing I knew was he had a cool-looking tongue ring. I found out later that my noticing his tongue ring was the thing that kept him coming to church.

LGBTQ immigrants, already at risk, suffer under new immigration policies

Will the LGBTQ community fight for its immigrant family?

Being LGBTQ is enough of a challenge in the current political climate, but being LGBTQ and an immigrant brings even more tribulations. Within a presidential administration that promises persecution — and prosecution — of immigrants, those in the LGBTQ community who fight for immigrants’ rights have an uphill battle ahead.

HB2 Update: the ‘bathroom bill’ is repealed in name only

Activist call repeal bill ‘HB 2.0’

The controversy surrounding House Bill 2 (HB2) sees developments every day. The anti-LGBTQ legislation, which mandates public restroom use by birth sex and nullifies local non-discrimination protections, has had massive pushback from advocates and allies.

Four ways today’s love is changed

Guest Commentary

There was a time, in a white-dominated, male-regulated, tone-deaf, Protestant version of America, when “love” was patient and kind, not envious, boastful or proud. It did not dishonor others, self-seek. It was not easily angered and kept no record of wrongs.