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Print Edition 2017-04-21 – QNotes

Tiger World: a growing conservation park dedicated to education and love of animals

Just a short drive from Charlotte, it’s a summer must-see

As I took to the road with boss-man — what I call the publisher of qnotes — we were both excited to see what Tiger World had in store. On the short 40-minute drive to Rockwell, N.C. from Charlotte, N.C., we chatted enthusiastically about our admiration for big cats and our hope that this facility so close to home would treat the magnificent creatures it housed as well as they deserve.

Not your average road trip: strange and lesser-known spots

Odd and exotic destinations in and around the Carolinas

Do you feel that every summer is all about beaches and hiking, and you want to see something new? This list may be for you. All across the Carolinas and in surrounding areas, weird and quirky places await to entertain, educate and enliven your imagination.

National backlash against discriminatory legislation continues

Despite so-called compromise, transgender North Carolinians aren’t out of danger

Although the notorious House Bill 2 (HB2) is repealed, legal discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians continues. Under the “compromise” legislation, House Bill 142 (HB142), signed into law by Gov. Roy Cooper on March 30, much of HB2 still remains.

Governor’s staff responds to letter with two-sentence statement

Statement does not address many points in letter; governor declined further comment

Randy Riddle’s letter, printed below, was sent directly to Gov. Roy Cooper in Raleigh, N.C. as well as qnotes and several organizations in North Carolina. Many people seemed to feel that it expresses valid criticism of the governor and his support of HB142, the HB2 “repeal” that left much of the discriminatory law still in place.

Jesse’s Journal: Donald Trump and the fall of public television

Saving that which serves the public an imperative

For much of my life, I have been a fan of public television. Unlike broadcast and cable television, which exist mostly to sell advertising and appeal to the lowest common denominator, public TV serves the public with (mostly) quality programs that educate, entertain and elevate our minds and hearts.

AIDSWatch 2017

Not about us without us

Since November, those of us living with HIV have been watching the new administration with a mixture of uncertainty, fear and anger at the current diagnosis of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the laws’ future.

Our People: Q&A with Paige Dula

Genderlines founder has found her place with wife, work and advocacy

Finding a truly well-rounded person is rare in this world. I, myself, am consumed by work too much of the time. Paige Dula, on the other hand, seems to have her life pretty much figured out. With a day job as an analyst at Bank of America, Dula dedicates her free time to helping others in the LGBTQ community.

Beer After Exercise: Really, brah?

Health & Wellness

Oh, yay. Another fad. And this one is just as ridiculous as most of the others. In Charlotte there are bars offering yoga classes; yoga, bootcamp, and cardio studios offering classes outside of bars; obstacle course races selling beer at the finish line; and all sorts of other nonsense that places beer into the hands of people who have just exercised (sometimes very intensely).

‘The Ada Decades’ — a review

Out in Print

Lambda Literary Award-winner Paula Martinac’s fourth novel, “The Ada Decades,” encompasses nearly 70 years in the life of the eponymous Ada Jane Shook, bright, brave, intensely private yet unashamed, profoundly self-aware except when it comes to assigning value to her own strengths.