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Print Edition 2017-05-19 – QNotes

Booty and the beach: Swimwear to accentuate your assets

Summer Fashion: Shake what your mama gave you in a kaleidoscope of prints and patterns prepped to get soaking wet

Step onto any gay beach — from Miami’s Haulover to Asbury Park’s 5th Ave. to Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles — and you’ll bear witness to a veritable catwalk of loosey-goosey board shorts, fitted trunks and skintight Speedo-like swimwear. While anything goes on the summer’s sandy shores — especially if the area is clothing optional (better pack those dark lenses!) — this year’s styles continue last year’s thighs-the-limit trend with a twist: button-closure shorts with waist-specific sizing. Here we cultivate some of the more stimulating designs for 2017 with a smattering of tradition tossed in for good measure.

LGBTQ designers, models light up the runway

Summer Fashion: Focus on fashionistas

Forget taboo — the cartoonish gay man playing dress-up with straight women has become the fashion world’s most wearisome cliché. Now qnotes’ summer style issue introduces some of the real-life figures breaking ground in a rapidly diversifying industry.

Local leather fashion retailers ‘delight’

Summer Fashion: Stores and sites for your leather needs provide adventure

We’ve all seen “leathermen” at Pride events. They boldly display their sexuality through provocative outfits that reveal just enough to tantalize the mind. It isn’t just men — women in leather are positively mouth-watering. And transgender or queer people in leather? They can tie me up anytime.

Out! Raleigh ends early due to weather damage

LGBT Center of Raleigh staff ‘resilient,’ focused on the future

After nine months of preparation, the seventh annual Out! Raleigh festival faced an unfortunate closure due to extreme weather. High-speed winds in the early afternoon of May 6 blew down vendors’ tents and threatened injury to attendees. Organizers decided to cancel the festival on Saturday, which was scheduled for 11 a.m.-6 p.m., at 2 p.m.

Discrimination continues

Support for LGBTQ community continues with travel bans, HRC index demotions

Although the notorious House Bill 2 (HB2) is repealed, legal discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians continues. Under the “compromise” legislation, House Bill 142, signed into law by Gov. Roy Cooper on March 30, much of HB2 remains.

Our People: Q&A with Ann Gonzales

Entrepreneur speaks on heritage and the importance of community

Business owner and community innovator Ann Gonzales has had quite a career in her short 33 years of life. Motivated by her creative instinct, a business-oriented mindset, and her cultural identity as an Asian-American lesbian, Gonzales has a lot of irons in the fire and has seen great success.

Summer travel tips

Legal Eagles: Don’t let your kids leave home without them

Ah, summer; it’s almost here and is quickly becoming the focus of most students’ daydreams, and for that matter, those of their parents. Summertime also marks a season full of travel and vacationing.

Overtraining: A risk factor for injury

Health & Wellness

Recently I have found that I’m doing too much exercise. I got all excited about getting involved with a team sport, and I practiced days in a row leading up to a game. Because of ego, I ignored some red flags. The inevitable happened: My performance suffered, and I felt drained soreness. Then, as if that weren’t already enough, a couple days I did two full workouts in one day.

Charlotte: TOY Gala, Chamber, ‘Happening,’ MeckMin Breakfast, AIDS Run, Pool Parties, Equality March CLT, PFLAG Prez, PFLAG Film, Satellite Group

Carolinas News Notes

Time Out Youth Center is holding it annual Platinum Gala, the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce will welcome Sonya Barnes at its upcoming meeting, the Charlotte Lesbian & Gay Fund is gearing up for its ‘Happening,’ MeckMin is holding its awards breakfast, Carolina CARE Partners is hosting its AIDS Run, Takeover is set to make a splash at its summer pool parties, the Equality March is coming to Charlotte, PFLAG Charlotte has a new president, Concord/Kannapolis PFLAG will screen a film and PFLAG Gaston begins its satellite group meetings in Belmont.

Coastal: Teens arrested for Grindr prank

Carolinas News Notes

Two Swansboro High School 16-year-old high school students, Brian Joshua Anderson and Brittney Renee Luckenbaugh, were arrested by Onslow County sheriffs when it was discovered that they had tricked a gay teacher, David Laughinghouse, 51, into sending the teens a nude photo of himself on Grindr, Gay Star News reported.