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Print Edition 2017-07-14 – QNotes

LGBTQ divorce in marriage equality

The legal and emotional challenges of transitioning from married to single

Although nationwide marriage equality only began with the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, divorce among LGBTQ couples does happen. Divorce between any couple is one of the most painful transitions confronted in a lifetime; but with LGBTQ couples, this process can be particularly challenging.

From negative to positive

Transitioning after an HIV diagnosis

Of all the transitions confronted throughout a lifetime, testing positive for HIV/AIDS is one of the most earth-shaking. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in 2015, nearly 40,000 people in the U.S. had to face this news. Of these newly-diagnosed individuals, gay and bisexual men received 82 percent of positive results. This does not necessarily indicate that men who have sex with men constitute 82 percent of new infections; they may be disapportionate to the rate of infection because they are more likely to get tested.

Which road to travel?

Seek spiritual guidance in decision-making times

Life has many transitions. Some of life’s major transitions include our birth, our decision regarding whether to go to college and where to go, our recognition of our sexual preference, our decision as to whether to commit to a life-long relationship with someone, our decision whether to have children, our adjustment to death of loved ones and our relationship of faith with our Creator.

A loving goodbye

Coping with loss

Adrian McCoy was a much-loved man with a lot of long and deep friendships. Those who had the privilege of knowing him knew that he was a non-comformist; his everyday attire was a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and Birkenstocks. He loved anything Madonna.

DOJ Pride honors Grimm, HB2 opponents

Employee org begun under Obama defies current administration

A ceremony took place on June 28 at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), honoring lawyers who fought North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (HB2), as well as transgender teen Gavin Grimm. All honorees were recognized for serving the LGBTQ community, both nationally and within the DOJ.

Social Wellness

Health & Wellness

I was in the hospital in May 2016, and I met a man named Brian. I had just come out of an extraordinarily toxic relationship, and he was reeling from the death of his mother and infighting with the rest of his family. We had both been dealt some really bad blows. These were really seriously difficult obstacles. I still had an apartment of my own, but he was homeless at the time.