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Print Edition 2017-07-28 – QNotes

The spotlight isn’t just for the stage

Drag queens who lead the fight for LGBTQ progress

The ancient roots of the entertainment industry are inseparable from the concept of drag, although the term itself is a recent development. Men have dressed as women for performances from ancient Greece to Shakespearean times, even across continents as kabuki troupes demonstrate.

Honoring lost local queens

Drag performers memorialized

As the proud, public face of the LGBTQ community, drag queens are mourned and remembered in a special way. In past decades, too many scintillating performers — and good hearts — have been lost. For this year’s Kind of a Drag issue of qnotes, we’d like to pay homage to some of the local queens who are so missed.

Defining the diva

Drag queen or female impersonator?

In the drag community, impersonating a female is understood when you go out in drag, and female impersonator is a lovely term to dress it up or help someone understand what is being done/accomplished. But I say, call a spade a spade, and just use the term “drag queen.”

Our People: Q&A with Carrie Chanel

Queen of sass and stage shows that strength is sexy

Much of the Charlotte drag scene is dominated by veteran divas. Breaking onto the stage soon after legal adulthood wasn’t entirely smooth for Carrie Chanel. In the years since, her wit and energy have brought her far. Beginning at a Scorpio talent show in 2012, Chanel, now 24, has won four titles at drag pageants across the state.

Charlotte Black Gay Pride asks LGBTQ POC to ‘Just Be’

Five-day event inspired independence and community

Embassy Suites by Hilton hosted and was the presenting sponsor of Charlotte Black Gay Pride 2017 from July 19-23. The theme of this year’s festival was “Just Be.” The organization’s leadership intended the theme to inspire introspection, independent thought and peace of mind.

HRC inspired by governor’s HB2 victory

Org commits $26 million to grassroots project

National pro-LGBTQ non-profit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was inspired by its own influence in partnership with Equality North Carolina (ENC) in the 2016 gubernatorial race. The immense grassroots effort coordinated through the two organizations raised public ire for former Gov. Pat McCrory’s staunch defense of House Bill 2 (HB2), the notoriously transphobic “bathroom bill.”

A tale of transition

Changing My Reflection

I look down in the palm of my hand at a tiny blue pill and think with nervous anticipation of what the future holds for me. Could taking these really make everything better? Of course, they can’t solve everything — I know better. However, in the two weeks I’ve been taking them, everything feels better than it ever has.