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Print Edition 2017-08-11 – QNotes

Center’s dream becomes reality

Time Out Youth Center finally ‘at home’ in new permanent facility, grand opening announced

In 1990, Tonda Taylor, along with human services professionals, educators, physicians and clergy, assembled to discuss the needs of young LGBTQ individuals who were struggling with their sexual orientation. They knew that there was a desperate need for a place for them to turn for help and support. So on April 8, 1991, four gay and lesbian youth gathered for a discussion group under the guidance of Taylor and others for what would later become the premier organization in the Charlotte, N.C. area to address the needs of LGBTQ youth.

Our People: Q&A with Syeem Sanders

Teen leader becomes Time Out Youth board member

Being an LGBTQ teen isn’t always easy; in fact, it usually isn’t. But for students like Syeem Sanders, 17, with the ingenuity and ambition it takes to achieve, the resources are out there for the taking. Sanders was an ordinary high school student last year, a pansexual member of Vance High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). The Vance GSA enabled him to connect with Time Out Youth Center (TOY), a local non-profit focused on helping LGBTQ young people.

Beyond Pride sponsorships: marketing to the LGBTQ community

Big events make big impact, but what else can companies do for inclusion?

Years have passed since major corporations began to take notice of the LGBTQ community’s buying power, as well as its growing prominence. Companies are still developing strategies to target the LGBTQ consumer market. One major way to reach these consumers — tried, true and effective — is through sponsoring major events, like Pride festivals and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) projects.

Pro- and anti-HB2 state politicians on transgender military ban

Rep. Meadows worked for ban; Gov. Cooper condemns it

In the early days following the passage of House Bill 2 (HB2), politicians across North Carolina and the nation becomes polarized in support or condemnation of the legislation. Now, two state officials on opposite ends of the HB2 spectrum clash once again — this time over the ban on transgender military service announced in a series of Trump tweets.

Charlotte: Drag Storytime, Pride Interfaith Service, Flourish, Pride Mass, Women’s Observance, Album Release, Duke Award

Carolinas News Notes

South Carolina’s Brandon James, whose drag alter ego is Princess Onya, has come under attack by city council members and religious groups after a story broke about his attempts to bring Drag Queen Storytime to the Queen City, the Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service, “Celebrating the Power of Love,” will be held on Aug. 20, Flourish 2017: A Celebration of LGBTQ Arts + Culture will be held on Aug. 26, the 21st Annual Mass of Welcome for the LGBTQ Community will be held on Aug. 23, The League of Women Voters of Charlotte/Mecklenburg will welcome the community to its Women’s Equality Day celebration on Aug. 25, Time Out Youth Center’s Makaila a.k.a. Soulfloetry, recipient of last year’s Tonda Taylor Scholarship, has released her music video on YouTube and Duke Energy was the recipient of the Edison Electric Institute’s Excellence Award for 2017 for its efforts to improve business diversity and inclusion.

Eastern: Conference broadens awareness

Carolinas News Notes

During the last weekend of July, East Carolina University hosted the 2017 Console-ing Passions: International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media and Feminism that educated participants on the two-way relationship between the media and culture and gender identity, the Reflector reported.