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Print Edition 2017-10-06 – QNotes

Loving those left behind: caring for older kids in foster care

Foster care professionals and parents speak out

“There is a misconception that older children bring more challenges, have severe problems and are harder to maintain,” Batts told qnotes. “Older children in foster care face the stigma of being unmanageable, set in their ways and having too many behavioral issues. This is a huge problem because parents do not think they can reach this population.”

LGBTQ Christians come together at Rolling the Stone Away Conference

St. Louis conference honors ‘LGBTQIA saints and prophets’

“Rolling the Stone Away,” its website declares, is “a conference for LGBTQIA saints and prophets — generations past and present — to honor our history and empower our future.” Leaders from 13 different LGBTQ organizations united in planning the conference, the first of its kind in history.

‘The Red Shoes’ dances its way into Charlotte after stunning audiences in London and Los Angeles

The critically-acclaimed ballet tells the tragic tale of competing passions

“There’s a sense of truth [to the performances],” Graham, who in “The Red Shoes,” plays Grischa Ljubov and Sergei Ratov, tells qnotes. “You know the feelings that the dancers are going through, you know the pain that they go through, you know the sort of sacrifice they have to give to the art.