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Print Edition 2017-10-20 – QNotes

Women’s health risks go beyond breast cancer

Professionals and survivors speak on diabetes, heart disease and strokes

Breast cancer is a serious issue, but other risks to women’s health are not as publicized or as known to the general population — to the detriment of those most at risk.

North Carolina votes 2017

Statewide LGBTQ endorsements and voter guides for the 2017 election year

A voter’s guide for the 2017 election season from LGBTQ endorsing organizations and PACs.

Our People: Q&A with Dee Murray

Post-anesthesia care unit registered nurse

Murray is a registered nurse who says she hid her orientation at work for years, only to discover that when she came out, most were accepting.

A tale of transition

Changing My Reflection

Increasing my estradiol dosage was a lot to handle, but I’m beginning to grasp what it means to have a different chemical balance in my brain and how to describe it.