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Print Edition 2021-02-05 – QNotes

Sex-Positivity Means Unlearning Shame

Love & Lust 2021: Developing a Sense of Self

My next lessons on sex came in the fourth grade, in North Carolina public school health classes. On a special day that required advance parental consent in order for students to participate, “boys and girls” were separated and sent to two different rooms to view scientific diagrams of our reproductive systems. 

Opening Up

Love & Lust 2021: New Research Reveals that about a Third of Gay Men are in Open Relationships

A new report from the Gay Therapy Center reveals that 30 percent of gay men are in open relationships. The center surveyed 517 gay men in December on the variables of a successful relationship. 

BDSM Sport and Play Consent Legalities Present Challenges

Love & Lust 2021: Sexual Expression

As more people communicate their wants and needs to the world, and hopefully their partners, we understand that more and more people have similar kinks and non-sexual conduct needs. A 2005 survey stated that 36 percent of adults have used some kinds of masks, blindfolds or bondage tools.

‘Tom of Finland: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero’

Love & Lust 2021: Out in Print

Sometimes, you can’t worry about other people’s thoughts. You can listen to them but you don’t have to hear them because there are days when making yourself happy supersedes any outside opinion, when you need to pay closer attention to you. As in the new biography “Tom of Finland” by F. Valentine Hooven III, sometimes what makes you joyful today can become a calling.

Preserving Nina Simone’s History

Projects Pay Tribute to the North Carolina Native

A new mural on W. Trade Street in Charlotte portrays eight Black musicians from North Carolina, including the bisexual “High Priestess of Soul” Nina Simone. The project by Charlotte artist Tafo (a.k.a. Tony Feimster) and Abel Jackson is entitled “NC 8” and is supported by the Historic West End and the NoDa Neighborhood Association.

A Black Perspective on History

Spiritual Reflections

As we reflect and celebrate Black History Month, I would like to share with you the thoughts of a young person of color from within our congregation — in their own words. They said: Black History Month is the time of year when we are given the opportunity to celebrate and learn about black history and culture. Given the challenges that our nation has faced in 2020, I think this year Black History Month might feel and look a bit differently.

Welcome Aboard, Natasha

Natasha Morehouse Joins qnotes as its New Staff Graphic Designer

Natasha Morehouse has become the newest face to be added to the qnotes staff and assumes the role as our graphic designer.

A New Era of Possibility

Political Voices

As our nation begins to rebuild and tries to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, Equality North Carolina (ENC) will be here for you every step of the way. Please, stay tuned to our website, social media channels and emails for updates on the fight for our communities and the ways you can plug in during the weeks and months ahead.

Five Tips to Show Diversity in Your Resume

Highlight Your Commitment to Inclusion

The year 2020 saw huge cultural changes sweep over the country. Some of these changes made their effects felt in the workplace — there was a powerful push for diversity and inclusion. The world is made up of many different kinds of people, with each kind bringing their own aptitudes and talents to the table. Every person is able to contribute.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Pride Wealth Strategies

The stock market can be a dangerous place. Many investors think they are knowledgeable enough to play the market without proper education on the subject. Would you walk into a casino, sit down at the Texas Hold’em table and wager your entire life savings without understanding the game first? I don’t think so.