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Sex-Positivity Means Unlearning Shame

Love & Lust 2021: Developing a Sense of Self

My next lessons on sex came in the fourth grade, in North Carolina public school health classes. On a special day that required advance parental consent in order for students to participate, “boys and girls” were separated and sent to two different rooms to view scientific diagrams of our reproductive systems. 

It’s More than a Farewell

Saying So Long is Never Easy

A tear. It is one of many that will be shed as I experience the last days working as a staffer for qnotes as I begin my retirement. Yes, I am leaving.

A Rainbow Tsunami

New Year Starts with Record-Breaking LGBTQ Political Representation

As the new Congress convened this week, a historic number of LGBTQ people will make up the U.S. House. Nine openly LGBTQ candidates were elected this past November, seven of whom were incumbents.