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Feeding the Fire of Your Relationship

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A reader asks: “After seven years with the same person, our relationship has become sexually stale. Some of our friends who are also couples say, ‘Try different and alternative sexual activities.’ Don’t you think sexual “alternatives” are cop-outs?”

Barflies, Distant Men and Losers

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A reader asks: “I met someone at the bar who says he “wants to be with me,” yet doesn’t want to do non-bar related stuff together, not even a movie. When I confront him, he compares me to his abusive ex. Is there an unhealthy issue I haven’t figured out?”

Is fear of rejection stopping you?

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A reader asks: “Being single is OK, but sometimes it seems so much easier to stay home than to go out just to be ignored. And when I do date, it only lasts a short while anyway. Rejection sucks, so why bother?”