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Is Love Worth…Relocating?

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A reader asks: “I recently met the man of my dreams. Of course, he lives in New Orleans, and I’m about to move to New York City. But I really, deep down think that he’s “the one!” Help!”

Chamber Hires First CEO, Unveils Future Plan Path

Chad Turner Assumes Helm of Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce

At the 2020 Annual Meeting the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 15, it was announced that after serving three terms as president, Chad Turner was unanimously selected as the chamber’s first staff member in the role of chief executive officer.

Making Haste Out of Hate

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A reader asks: “hate my job, but I make too much money. I hate my apartment, but my rent’s cheap, I can’t go anywhere because of COVID-19, and I hate my boyfriend, but I can’t leave him for many reasons. As a “Man On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” is there anything I can do to at least find happiness in unhappiness?”

Getting Out of Getting Caught

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A reader asks: “I got caught shoplifting and after promising to never go in their store again they still want to press charges. How do I get them to drop the charges?”

Loving and Living with a Slob

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A reader asks: “My new live-in girlfriend is everything I ever dreamed of except she’s a slob. I’m not giving up, but I’m not giving in. Help!”

Put It Down, Get Out of the House and Start Meeting People

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A reader asks: “Lately, since COVID-19, I’ve been experiencing an immense amount of self-sexual fulfillment, if you know what I mean. My neighbors are starting to complain about the noise and my friends are concerned. Is “it” dangerous to my health?”

Adults Keep Secrets While Children Tell Their Parents Everything

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A reader asks: “After 15 years with my partner, I have kept my extra love affairs to myself. But lately, I feel guilty that my partner is so innocent, honest and monogamous. However, I know my partner will leave me the second I tell the truth! I am trapped between good and evil. What do you think?”

How Tidy is Too Tidy?

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A reader asks: “My roommate’s very anal retentive. She likes the kitchen and bathroom a certain way, and everything in alphabetical order, and so on and so on. How do I get her to mellow out?”