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Put It Down, Get Out of the House and Start Meeting People

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “Lately, since COVID-19, I’ve been experiencing an immense amount of self-sexual fulfillment, if you know what I mean. My neighbors are starting to complain about the noise and my friends are concerned. Is “it” dangerous to my health?”

Adults Keep Secrets While Children Tell Their Parents Everything

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “After 15 years with my partner, I have kept my extra love affairs to myself. But lately, I feel guilty that my partner is so innocent, honest and monogamous. However, I know my partner will leave me the second I tell the truth! I am trapped between good and evil. What do you think?”

How Tidy is Too Tidy?

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “My roommate’s very anal retentive. She likes the kitchen and bathroom a certain way, and everything in alphabetical order, and so on and so on. How do I get her to mellow out?”

Rejection 101

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “I’m a 30-year old model. However, after hundreds of gigs, over the last 10 years, I recently experienced my first real rejection. It’s awful! I’m trained in many things but not for such rejection. Help?”

New scripted series launched

Beyond the Carolinas

Writer/creators Kyle David Pierce and Chris Salvatore have a new series in development centering on a 30’s gay male couple. The acting duo star in the series that takes a fresh look at gay marriage, parenting and when two families collide.

He loves me, he love me… maybe?

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “There’s a guy at the [gay] club who I think likes me. But sometimes he says he’s “bi,” sometimes “just curious” and other times he’s says he’s “straight.” Yet he kissed me twice in the last four months when he was sober. What should I do?”

Finding love in all the right places

Love & Lust 2017: Matchmaker lends tips on finding that special someone

Tammy Shaklee wants everyone to find their match in time for Valentine’s Day, but if that’s too fast, then she has some tips for connecting singles with someone with whom to share dating, romance and possibly a long-term relationship or marriage.

Be my Valentine

Guest Commentary

In second grade, we made Valentine’s Day cardholders out of two red construction paper hearts. They were sewn together with white yarn and pinned to the bulletin board a few days before Valentine’s Day.