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retirement – QNotes

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Pride Wealth Strategies

The stock market can be a dangerous place. Many investors think they are knowledgeable enough to play the market without proper education on the subject. Would you walk into a casino, sit down at the Texas Hold’em table and wager your entire life savings without understanding the game first? I don’t think so.

It’s More than a Farewell

Saying So Long is Never Easy

A tear. It is one of many that will be shed as I experience the last days working as a staffer for qnotes as I begin my retirement. Yes, I am leaving.

Aging at Home

Is It the Best Option?

Aging at home is certainly a viable option for many seniors, but what about when it’s not the safest, healthiest or most cost-effective option for your situation? According to Genworth, after age 65, there is nearly a 7 percent chance a senior will need some form of senior care.