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HB2 defense tops $1.2 million

Court date delayed until SCOTUS decides similar case

The North Carolina legislature, dominated by Republicans since 2011, has spent a considerable sum legally defending its own laws. The Charlotte Observer reported recently that of $10.5 million, $1.2 million has been spent defending HB2 in court.

This election will tell the nation everything it needs to know about North Carolina

A McCrory, Trump victory will prove we have earned the ridicule of the masses

North Carolina’s brand has taken a sizable hit since the passage of HB2, moving from New South poster child to literal punchline in the national consciousness. It has cost the state thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in lost revenue. Many have been left wondering how a purple state suddenly turned so red. The GOP won control …

QNotes endorsements

Our picks on the ballot for the upcoming general election

QNotes has selected its choice and has given endorsements to Hillary Clinton, Roy Cooper, Deborah Ross, Linda Coleman, Joshua Stein and Elaine Marshall.

In highly contested races, organizations release endorsements

Progressive candidates are campaigning hard for equality, many get press nods

This year, by far, has shaped up to be one of the most contested campaign seasons in decades. With Hillary Clinton battling Donald Trump and Attorney General Roy Cooper duking it out with Gov. Pat McCrory, there has not been a day that has gone by without some sort of front page splash.

As legislative session nears the end, HB2 debate continues

Gubernatorial candidates, advocates, educators say their piece

House Bill 2, which decrees that transgender individuals use the bathroom designated on their birth certificates, is still a matter of hot debate in political and media circles. Widely nicknamed “Hate Bill 2” by opponents of the legislation, HB2 has undoubtedly impacted the perception of North Carolina throughout the nation.