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HRC releases sex discrimination report

Beyond the Carolinas

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has published its “Inclusive Interpretations of Sex Discrimination Law,” a report that outlines how federal courts have developed a consistent legal narrative regarding discrimination against LGBTQ people as constituting unlawful sex discrimination under the nation’s civil rights laws.

Stuck on Sticky

An Interview with Dale Lazarov of Sticky Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have come a long way in recent years. … Putting the graphic sexuality into graphic novels, gay writer Dale Lazarov and his various illustrating collaborators have created a series of homoerotic books that are sure to satisfy readers of all queer stripes.

The world of drug-fueled sex

Love & Lust (11th Annual Sex Issue)

According to a study by Oregon State University, LGBTQ individuals, especially youth, consume tobacco, marijuana and alcohol at higher rates relative to their heterosexual peers of the same age.

Love, Lust and Relationships

Spiritual Reflections

“Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know-what-I-mean?” Thus, quips the ribald Monty Python character played by the great Eric Idle when discussing, shall we say, relations? This being the Love & Lust (11th Annual Sex Issue) of qnotes, I would like to offer some thoughts on Lust and Love.

Does Selfishness Ever Go Away?

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “It’s been five years, and I love my girlfriend. However, she’s selfish, and as time goes on, she gets less and less eager to compromise. I’m beginning to feel like a doormat. What can I do?”

Help, I’m Trapped in a Raunchy Sex Scene

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “I met this guy at the bar and brought him home for some lovin’. Well he turned into a sex pig, spitting, swearing, choking and more. I’m not vanilla, but when sex gets too dirty or painful it turns me off. How do you know if someone wants a “scene” rather than just good sex?”

Kinky and queer: BDSM in the LGBTQ community

Love & Lust 2017: Realities, risks and rewards of kink

In the age of sexual liberation, LGBTQ people still fight for acceptance. But even within the community, there is a repressed subculture: queer kinksters. Practitioners of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism (BDSM) are criticized from all sides.

Queer sex slang: Know it or beware

Your brief guide to surviving in the online world of sex Online Only

Online cruising can be difficult — and sometimes downright frustrating — when everyone you chat with seems to be writing in a non-sense, mumble-jumble of words, letters, acronyms and phrases. All those seemingly endless lists of letters all have a meaning; some are pretty innocent, others not so much. If you expect to survive in …