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Social Action – QNotes

InFocus: Charlotte 2017 — Dial 411 for the community

A comprehensive listing of LGBTQ resources

  Back to InFocus: Charlotte Index… [Editor’s Note: qnotes’ research into finding community resources was only as good as what was available online and from other sources. Should readers find errors and wish to send corrections to the list or want to have a group listed, email qnotes with “InFocus addition” in the subject line …

Our People: Q&A with Mel Hartsell

Community organizer shares their decade of activism

The LGBT community of the Carolinas has many passionate advocates, but one stands out for both education and eloquence. Mel Hartsell, at age 28, has a Master’s degree in social work and has been involved in activism for over a decade.

QPoll: Do you volunteer for social action projects?

The LGBT community is gaining tremendous strength in the U.S. We’re able to marry our partners. We’ve gotten added to benefit packages. And, so much more. However, all this can’t possibly be achieved without feet on the streets. Volunteers are sorely needed to keep the momentum going. What is your involvement in social action projects? Giving back is essential to garnering true equality, as well as providing much needed assistance to a host of causes. Let us get your feedback.