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Jesse’s Journal: The first Trump year

Descending into the darkness, the fight for justice still remains

As a candidate for president, Trump promised to “make America great again;” by which he meant an America of native-born, white, Christian, cisgender heterosexuals.

Transgender inmates in N.C. face review board, not simply ‘separated and segregated’

Gov. McCrory’s debate claim concerning transgender inmates misleading

Public accommodations for transgender citizens has been at the forefront of North Carolina state politics with the passage of HB2, as well as a nationwide issue with the U.S. Department of Justice filing suit and the Obama administration issuing a directive to public schools requiring them to recognize transgender students by the gender with which they identify.

Out hoops star stumps for Clinton

Jason Collins has a long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton and the family

On Oct. 11-12, Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, visited the Tar Heel State to campaign for his long-time friend and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.