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City Council votes 7-4 to add LGBT protections to Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance

The Charlotte City Council voted Monday, Feb. 22, to expand the city’s non-discrimination ordinance to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, after over three hours of public comments. City Council voted 7-4 to approve adding LGBT protections to the ordinance, which already prohibits discrimination based on gender, race, age and religious …

Mecklenburg County Commissioner candidate Joel Levy accused of transphobia, responds

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James running for reelection after serving two decades and, in that time, making numerous homophobic and racist comments, not to mention his anti-gay voting record. The article listed seven of his worst moments, and originally encouraged District 6 voters to finally oust him. Unfortunately, they only …

Watch the documentary “Southern Comfort”

The 2001 documentary “Southern Comfort” tells the story of the final year in the life of a transgender man named Robert Eads. Eads was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors who feared treating him would hurt their professional reputations. By the time he finally found someone to treat him, …

The Perfect “Trans-storm”

Transgender Awareness Month: Diversity key in fight for equality

Many people are familiar with the term, “the perfect storm” that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will impact a situation drastically. I truly believe we are now in “a perfect storm” for the fight for equality including workplace and health benefits for transgender people.