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10 Questions with Vic: Featuring Ashlee Marie Preston

Award-winning Media Personality, Producer, Editor and Civil Rights Activist

Ashlee Marie Preston is an award-winning media personality, producer and civil rights activist. She is historically the first transgender woman to become editor-in-chief of a national publication and the first openly transgender person to run for state office in California.

A time to speak

Thoughts on compassion from a trans masculine person & fellow human being

I want to honor the lives destroyed because of hatred. I am watching grief-stricken as we become more divided and are less able to hear each other’s stories.

Patience, Love & Swedish Fish

On the UNC Charlotte LGBTQ+ Coalition

On an unusually warm night in February, 13 students squeezed into a small study room in the Atkins Library at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) for what would be the first meeting of the UNC Charlotte LGBTQ+ Coalition.

County Commissioner in NC goes after transgender people, uses anti-trans slur

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James has a long anti-gay history, outlined in a recent article highlighting some of his more homophobic, as well as racist, moments and looking at his reelection bid. James has voted against LGBT rights on numerous occasions and has often garnered negative attention for his offensive comments against minority groups. Related: NC …

N.C. GOP’s new spokeswoman thinks jokes comparing trans people to animals are hilarious

The North Carolina Republican Party named Kami Mueller as their new communications director on Monday, June 20. She previously worked with the N.C. Values Coalition and the KeepNCSafe Coalition, two groups working against the Charlotte LGBT non-discrimination ordinance and for HB2. Mueller also formerly worked as Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest’s Director of Communications. It appears the N.C. …