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Appetite for adventure

Following some basic ‘rules of the road’ keeps travel more enjoyable

From your own hometown to the far reaches of the globe, there are thousands of destinations just waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls.

Tiger World: a growing conservation park dedicated to education and love of animals

Just a short drive from Charlotte, it’s a summer must-see

As I took to the road with boss-man — what I call the publisher of qnotes — we were both excited to see what Tiger World had in store. On the short 40-minute drive to Rockwell, N.C. from Charlotte, N.C., we chatted enthusiastically about our admiration for big cats and our hope that this facility so close to home would treat the magnificent creatures it housed as well as they deserve.

Not your average road trip: strange and lesser-known spots

Odd and exotic destinations in and around the Carolinas

Do you feel that every summer is all about beaches and hiking, and you want to see something new? This list may be for you. All across the Carolinas and in surrounding areas, weird and quirky places await to entertain, educate and enliven your imagination.