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UNCC – QNotes

Our People: Matt Davis

Local LGBTQ Young Person, UNCC Finance Major

Matthew (Matt) Davis is a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), as well as a customer service associate at White Rabbit located in Charlotte.

Regional: HIV/AIDS Conference, Queer Youth Conference, CJJ New Hires

Carolinas News Notes

The NC HIV/AIDS Advocacy Conference, Building Power Across the Spectrum, will be held from Oct. 6, the 2017 Carolina Conference on Queer Youth will be held on Oct. 13 and Carolina Jews for Justice has announced that it has hired two new staff members to help the organization advance its initiatives.

InFocus: Charlotte 2017 — UNC Charlotte strives to serve LGBTQ students and grads

Inside the founding of an LGBTQ Alumni Association

For many students, arriving at college is a first taste of independence. Upon graduation, students are thrust into the adult world with little more than a degree to help them move forward. Administrators at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) weren’t satisfied with that, so the school’s alumni association was founded.

Charlotte: Design competition, affinity group, soirée, Walk for AIDS, survey participants, leadership awards, Transcend grant

Carolinas News Notes

A University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s School of Architecture team won a design competition, Blumenthal Performing Arts LGBTQ affinity group is having a “Hedwig” pre-show party, the Charlotte and Lesbian Gay Fund is hosting a soirée, House of Mercy’s Walk for AIDS brought needed funds, the Freedom Center for Social Justice is conducting a survey and seeks participants, Carolinas CARE Partnership presented leadership awards and Transcend Charlotte received a grant.

LGBTQ archives in two cities ensure that history lives on

Durham County Library joins Charlotte in saving records of queer life

History has been made for the LGBTQ community over the past several decades, but preserving that history is as important as the events themselves. That’s the philosophy that guided the Durham County Library and UNC-Charlotte to archive and exhibit LGBTQ history.