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2019: The Year In Review

News and Stories from Across the Nation

Unlike last year, LGBTQ issues did not figure as prominently in the news media. But don’t be fooled. Donald Trump and his administration have been hard at work, gutting nearly every protection put in place by former President Barack Obama.

Hate crime bill would expand LGBTQ protections in NC

Bill would address growing hate violence

A bill introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly would expand state hate crime statutes to include crimes against individuals based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability. House Bill 152 would also shift certain crimes from misdemeanors to felonies.

The call to serve

LGBTQ religious leaders’ challenges, rewards

Most LGBTQ citizens know what it is to feel alienated and to lose faith. Religion hasn’t always been a friend to people whose sexualities or identities don’t follow the traditional norm.

Two men joke about shooting up Burke Pride in Morganton, NC on Facebook

Threats of violence after the Pulse shooting must be taken even more seriously

MORGANTON, N.C. — A screenshot posted to Facebook on Sunday show two men joking about shooting attendees at Burke Pride in Morganton, North Carolina. “Faggot fest going on in Morganton today,” reads a status posted on Saturday by Scott Bumbgarner, Sr. Kenny Aytes then comments, “Target practice,” to which Bumgarner replies, “Yes sir.” “What they are …