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The 49 Professions of Joy

Health & Wellness: Creativity During COVID-19

Something that has had a negative impact on many people during the pandemic is boredom. A funny meme I saw reads, “Welp, it’s good to know that being too busy wasn’t what kept me from cleaning my house.”

Bananas are not Your Enemy

Health & Wellness: The Recently Maligned Sweet Treat

Bananas are quite amazing, aren’t they? I suppose one might take a pause saying that in an LGBTQ publication. But fear not intrepid reader, we are going to discuss something far more interesting: the nutritional value of many people’s favorite fruit.

Innercise: Emotional Wellness

Health & Wellnes: In My Fillings

I felt something punch me in the chest so hard that I felt the wind knocked out of me. For a few moments I thought it was my ex. They look that similar.

Overtraining: A risk factor for injury

Health & Wellness

Recently I have found that I’m doing too much exercise. I got all excited about getting involved with a team sport, and I practiced days in a row leading up to a game. Because of ego, I ignored some red flags. The inevitable happened: My performance suffered, and I felt drained soreness. Then, as if that weren’t already enough, a couple days I did two full workouts in one day.