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Navigating Changes After Divorce

Legal Eagles: Creating the New You

Let’s be real — divorce is TOUGH, and so is figuring out your and your family’s new life in the weeks and months that follow finalizing your split. And, there’s a case to be made for it being even tougher for those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Effective Supplements

Health & Wellness: Two Powders that are Actually Effective

Over the years I have made my position on supplements very clear: Use them as they were intended to fill gaps in your otherwise healthful, balanced nutrition strategy. Not only should you not rely upon them as a main source of energy or vitamins, minerals and fiber, you should not rely on them to provide what the manufacturer claims.

‘Headcase: LGBTQ Writers and Artists on Mental Health and Wellness’

Out in Print

You watch your cholesterol, eat better, stay active and brush twice a day. So, why do you feel so rotten? In “Headcase,” edited by Stephanie Schroeder and Teresa Theophano, you’ll see that taking care of your mind is as essential as taking care of your body.

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Primary elections to decide key races

Carolinas News Notes

Across Mecklenburg County and North Carolina the upcoming primary on Sept. 10 will bring candidates one step closer to election and the square-off between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Dan Bishop will leave one person victorious in securing the 9th District House of Representatives seat. McCready has secured endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign.

Journalists bestow awards

Beyond the Carolinas

NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists held their annual convention from Aug. 29-Sept. 1 in New Orleans, La., with more than 450 journalists, news executives, communications professionals and educators from across the U.S.

Pride fests dot the Carolinas

Carolinas News Notes

As Pride Month is extended from June into September in the Carolinas, several towns and cities are gearing up to celebrate the lives of LGBTQ individuals. Not only that, visitors can enjoy these environs as a getaway while the weather is still on the warm side.

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Survivor stories focus of new org

Carolinas News Notes

Outreach for Our Wave, a new non-profit organization that collects stories from survivors of sexual assault has begun and is building an online community where survivors can be heard, believed and supported, its director of outreach, Cathy Gomes, shared.

You Are One In A Million

Tell Trinity

A reader asks, “I seem to be on an unlucky streak. I lost my job, my partner and now I’m being evicted. The only thing good in my life is my health and my cat. Help!”

Immigrants in the Queen City

qnotes spoke with one gay Charlotte man qnotes will call Carlos to safeguard his undocumented status. He said that Donald Trump was wrong. “It’s not good that they see it that way,” Carlos said that immigrants who did commit crimes made it worse for the community.